How to Migrate vROps Application Remote Collector to Cloud Proxy

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Today, we’ll try to understand how we can migrate vRealize Operations Application Remote Collector (ARC) to the Cloud Proxy.

ARC was an appliance which adds Application Monitoring capability to vRealize Operations Enterprise edition. But, ARC will not continue to its life after vRealize Operations 8.4 and therefore we need to migrate it to Cloud Proxy before we upgrade vRealize Operations to 8.6.

First, we need to download Cloud Proxy appliance from and before deployment we need to get OTK (One Time Key) from vRealize Operations. To do this, go to vRealize Operations 8.4 and open Cloud Proxies page then Click to New button and this will give us OTK like below screenshot,

Now, we can start to deploy Cloud Proxy appliance as usual appliance deployment option except we need to paste OTK to the One Time Key section at the deployment parameters like below screenshot,

We need to enable SSH services with service sshd start command on both ARC and Cloud Proxy appliances after deployment completed,

We need to download migrations script from Cloud Proxy appliance to the ARC appliance. To do that open SSH connection to the ARC appliance and run wget –no-check-certificate https://cp_ip/downloads/salt/ command and it should be run as below screenshot,

Note: You need to replace cp_ip with Cloud Proxy appliance IP address.

We need to unzip migration script after copy operation completed. To do that run unzip command on ARC appliance,

Note: Migration script will be failed If your vRealize Operations and/or Cloud Proxy user passwords includes special characters like !, ?, etc. I faced that issue on my environment and after trying some options script worked with the password which includes % character.

Run the migration script with ./ -v primary_ip -u user -p password -a vc_ip -b cp_ip -c root -d cp_password command.

Example: ./ -v -u admin -p Password!123 -a -b -c root -d Password!123

We should see Migration Ended for X of endpoints statement after migration completed.

We should see Cloud Proxy IP address in the ARC column instead of old ARC IP when we opened agent management page on vRealize Operations.

Now, we need to update telegraf agents on our VMs. To do this go to the Manage Agent page and select all agents and click Update.

Note: You should download vRealize Operations Manager – Virtual Appliance upgrade with Cloud Proxy pak file to upgrade vRealize Operations 8.6.

Hope that helps you and your customers…

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